Need to Mend your Broken Supply Chain Post-Pandemic? Lean on the Experts. 

Supply chains keep things running smoothly in your business and are the nuts and bolts of your organization, but they can be extremely vulnerable, especially during trying times. Any weak link caused by an impending issue, such as a global pandemic, can create a major disruption in your company’s production. A weakened supply chain means your human resources team is more important than ever, and being able to fill positions quickly is going to be your best chance at staying afloat.

“Your people are critical to a healthy supply chain.  It’s the people who hold the chain together.”

-Dave MacDonald, President, The Better Together Group

Now is the time to recruit the right team of employees who are going to rebuild your supply chain. Internal resources may be exhausted or insufficient. Leaning on a team of specialized experts who have niche and supply chain staffing knowledge can be your secret weapon and give you a leg up on the competition, and will save you time so you can focus on the bigger goal.

Your Internal Supply Chain

To ensure that your business doesn’t come to a screeching halt, don’t allow human resources to fall out of your internal supply chain, especially while you try to hold everything together. Utilizing a staffing agency with supply chain hiring experience can add additional value at each stage of the recruitment process and become an extension of your internal HR team. It’s important to partner with an agency that understands your specific requirements and has the individual skills needed to focus on the various types of roles within your industry, ultimately leading to a better quality hire in less time.

The Better Together Group consists of three staffing firms, each with its own hiring niche. Our staffing professionals focus on finding you the right employee who can step-in and step-up, to keep you from falling behind.

Specialized Industry Knowledge

The key to profitability in any market is specialization, and your industry-specific knowledge is what keeps the momentum going in the day-to-day operations of your business. You need a recruitment team that can deliver specialized talent. Recruitment specialists with supply chain hiring capability can recognize missing links in your industry and have access to a talent pool of specialized candidates ready to jump into the deep end and toss you a lifeline. Not only does having access to a selection of potential talent save you time and money, but it can also get the right employee on the job a lot quicker without any further disruption in production. 

Need for Speed 

Timing is everything. To avoid additional delays in production, you want to repair the supply chain as quickly as possible. You may even want to consider hiring temporary employees to fill in the gaps, while you try to play catch-up. Being able to have more hands-on-deck, quicker, will also be beneficial to your current staff, and save them from potential burn-out working overtime to pick up the slack. 

By outsourcing your hiring to someone with expertise in your field you will be able to focus on getting back to business as usual. Many hiring managers waste valuable time screening and conducting countless interviews with candidates that end up being unqualified or not the right fit for the job. This can be a major setback in productivity, and costly to your bottom line, especially if you are fighting for industry talent in a tough hiring market.

Coverage from all Angles 

Circumstances that cause a supply chain disruption such as the COVID-19 pandemic can also affect your employees. This crippling effect can leave you with labour shortages making the effects of supply chain disruption even worse. If you suddenly have a spike in orders you might find yourself understaffed, you’ll need to be able to bring in temporary staff as soon as possible to keep production moving. Bringing in some fresh new talent can help alleviate the stress caused by labour shortages and place you in a position to be ahead of the curve where your competitors may still be struggling. And, if production becomes more crucial during these times, additional workers can help meet these temporary increases in demand.

The Better Together Difference

Our team of recruitment specialists leverage their 75+ years of experience and cutting edge technology to bring you the highest-level candidates in less time. The people who make up your supply chain are going to be the difference between a delay in momentum or continuing with business as usual. We focus on your specific needs and provide candidates that not only meet the requirements for the position but also the candidate’s interests, motivations, and career goals, and most importantly how they fit in with the culture of your company.

We truly believe that investing in a great employee has so many advantages. Whether you need short-term employees to meet industry demands or long-term hires who are going to be a substantial part of growing your company, our staffing professionals are highly trained to find industry-specific top-level talent in your field. The right person, the right fit, at just the right time.