“No, I am not looking for help with staffing right now, we are laying everyone off because of Covid.”

“No I am not looking for help with staffing right now, we are in a skeleton crew at the moment.”

“No, I am not looking for help with staffing right now, we are still trying to bring back staff from before our layoffs.” 

“No, I am not looking for help with staffing right now, we are trying to stay on budget to compensate for some Covid losses.”


All Employees are MIA…

“YES! I am looking for help with staffing right now! I am trying to hire an XYZ and I can’t find one anywhere. “

With the rate at which technology has continually increased creating opportunity for virtual hires, and then with the need for virtual recruitment and hiring that came from Covid not to mention the job shortage at the beginning of Covid… we have basically given our work force the training module on how to apply fast, ghost quick and never look back. Let’s just say it is a frustration for anyone who is hiring. 

Staffing has changed SO much over the last few years. With different waves of Covid continually affecting the opening and closing of companies, with a large portion of the working population having immune deficiencies which restricted their ability to physically be at work, with large corporations going through mass layoffs and the switching back and forth from in office to work from home, it has been a year, well… more than a year. We have all gone through the ringer, but as the leaders in your organization it is so important that you stand up and take charge in all aspects of the business. When it comes to your HR team it is important that you fall on the sword and say,  “We don’t understand the hiring market right now and we need the professionals to help us find the good employees that are vital to our organization every single day!” 

Employees in 2022 are a whole new breed that we have never really seen before. A lot of employees are guarded around employers based on the results from mass layoffs or any other number or things that happened at the beginning of Covid. But the employers are also now frustrated and guarded around employees because of the great resignation. The whole formula is asking for disaster. Unless you have spent ample time learning about the new hiring market and invested in valuable tools to help with finding, tracking and onboarding candidates you are at a disadvantage to finding any sort of return. But, that is what we do. We talk with candidates all day every day and we want to help get them in your building and to work. It’s not that you can’t do it, it is that you can’t do everything.  So why not partner with someone who can do your recruiting and allow you to focus on the things that you uniquely can do.