A few days ago someone asked me, 

“If you woke up today from a 15 year comma what do you think would surprise you most about today’s world?” 

My answer – 

“The lack of human interaction in everyday life.” 

Humans have become incredibly dependent on so many of the everyday automations in our lives. 

Starting with things like washing machines and dishwashers we have automated  some of the most basic tasks. However this was only the beginning.

Now with automated workflows in your crm’s to chat bots writing long winded university papers and articles just like this one… it begs the question. Is this good… or bad? My simple answer is both. 

When you take a look at the fast progression there are a few reasons that AI has the ability to appear superior to humans. 

Artificial intelligence is amazing for speed. Humans can only move as fast as their bodies and brains will allow. However, AI can move much faster and creates a more productive environment by default. 

Artificial intelligence can also be seen as superior when it comes to accuracy and precision. Where we are to be doing a task that is required to be perfect, artificial intelligence can be an asset! 

Repetition can also be very frustrating to the human brain. However, artificial intelligence thrives with repetition. Doing the same thing, the same way, consistently and continually. 

While these things are great there are also some amazing aspects of  human interaction that are important not to miss while utilizing artificial intelligence! 

Humans have empathy and emotion. This allows humans not only to read other people through situations and act accordingly in real time but also to handle delicate situations with the care and ease that is required. 

Humans have the ability to think outside of the box. They can move beyond the problem in front of them and dissect uncommonly related issues that transplants. This allows them to make complex decisions.

While AI may have some “creative” attributes they are also creative in the stream line of what humans have pre determined for them. Creativity goes beyond input and script. It is imaginative and boundless. 

As ai has started to become more attainable for everyday consumption I have personally loved using it and testing the value behind it! 

Without a doubt I have loved the use of it however there are a lot of reasons I also don’t love it. 

I’ve used AI to write some LinkedIn posts. When comparing posts that AI has written with the ones that I have personally created for my audience it is clear that my personal posts get a much better interaction.

I’ve used it to create some professional headshots for me. But ultimately I looked a little funny. So rather than using them I took a few additional photos myself and I used AI to cut out the background of my apartment so it looked professionally done. 

I have even used AI to create  an audiobook of my memoir, asking it to read my book back in my own voice without error or stumbling on words. Which was amazing but still limited.

These artificial intelligence platforms and processes can be amazing. However, it is critical to remember that humans give a personal touch that offers a connection between you and another person in a very lonely world. This impact alone is unmeasurable. 

When I use AI, I use it to offset my weaknesses. To do my research and fix my spelling and grammar. However it does me no favors in writing. It does not support my story line. It is not creating ideas for me. It’s simply a tool to offset the things you can’t do. It is not my brain and it is not your brain either. Do not allow it to act as such.

Yes, use the processes you can to automate repetition. Create consistency and exactness through procedures and increase speed throughout. However, Do not forget that the human touch is superior in emotional intelligence. They will always have the upper hand in creativity and of course they will continually be able to think outside of the box for complex and ethical decision making. 

Knowing how and when to use AI but also how and when the human touch is needed will help you and your business excel as it continues to evolve.

Hannah MacDonald
Sales and Marketing Manager