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Who We Are

In some ways we are best defined by what we are NOT. We are not an executive recruiting firm, if you are looking for a new person for the C-Suite that is not us. While that person may be important for your organization to move to the next level or create some new initiative, they are not Essential. We are not a General Labour Agency – Two feet and a heart beat – It is not what we do. Another minimum wage person on the assembly line, or sweeping up, or filing last years invoices, that is not Essential.

Essential are the people that make your business what it is, those that create the Culture and lead the staff that make it happen and deliver on the promises you have been making. It is the staff in your accounting department, the people in the plant, the Customer Service team on the phones, and the Sales people on the streets, and those that manage them. This is our niche the Essential Staff that get the job done each and every day.

Essential Staffing provides you the people you need today. We provide the people that actually run the business, and make sure everything happens on time and on schedule. The people at the heart of your Business Machine, the ones that replicate the process day after day providing the same quality Product, Service or Experience that your Customers have come to count on. It is not flashy, nor sexy in anyway, but without these steady stalwart folks our businesses would unravel.

Let us help you find the people you can count on to fulfill these critical roles, so that your business can maintain a solid foundation on which you can grow for years to come.

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What we do

Our process is simple, but it takes time, time you often don’t have. We meet individually with each candidate and talk with them about what is next for them and help them find the career they want not just the jobs we have. It is about a personal relationship with the candidate and the company and making sure we match each to the other with consideration of more than the role, but also the organization and the person.

It’s about the individual and helping them find a job that is a good fit for them. The happier they are in their job, the better they will perform and the longer they will stay. The better they perform and the longer they stay the happier our Clients are.

Essential [definition]: Absolutely necessary, indispensable.

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