The Three I’s of Hiring: A Guide to Spotting Top Talent

We all know that building a high-performing team is no easy feat. It requires a keen eye, an instinct for spotting potential, and a knack for uncovering those diamonds in the rough. That’s where the Three I’s of Hiring come into play: Integrity, Intensity, and Intentionality. These essential qualities can make all the difference in finding that perfect match for your company. 

Understanding the Three I’s: Integrity, Intensity, and Intentionality

Integrity goes beyond the usual do’s and don’ts of ethical behavior. It’s about finding candidates who not only talk the talk but walk the walk. Look for individuals who have a track record of honesty, reliability, and strong moral principles. A person with integrity is like a compass, always pointing in the right direction.

Intensity is the fire in the belly that drives success. It’s that unwavering passion and drive to go above and beyond. Look for candidates who have a hunger for achievement, a relentless